Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and an Emcee / Producer of the progressive hip-hop group Five Deez. He started his own record label, Ample Soul to combine all of the experience he gained from the music industry and put them together independently.

Fat Jon was also a part of the production team which scored music for the hit anime series Samurai Champloo which has become a modern day classic. Throughout the years, his notoriety kept growing with the emergence of lo-fi among new artists.

Stephane asked if he’d be interested in doing music for the comic series and the rest was history. Make sure you folks check out both The Free Tape and The Dope Tape.

A Japanese chain store centered in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area with a wide selection of products for music lovers. They also have a big variety of merchandise in addition to the CDs, DVDs and records. Like audio equipment, books, video games, t-shirts as well as their own original goods. It’s considered to be one of the world’s best record shops.

Good news, now international fans can order the official Tephlon Funk!® soundtrack on vinyl from their online shop. Or you can purchase a copy at any of their brick & mortar stores located in the Shinjuku, Ochanomizu and Shibuya sectors of Tokyo. If you’re ever in Japan, make sure you check this place out.

Disk Union store in Shinjuku, Tokyo