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The 1st chapter of the comic series is now available in digital. Just what exactly is Tephlon Funk? Find out in our preview chapter as well as the origins of Inez, Gabriel and Cameron. Taking place during the mid 90’s in New York City, this is unlike anything else that’s out there. It’s Dope…



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PDF | 24 Pages

2 reviews for 1. THE DEMO

  1. chris price (verified owner)

    oh my god…this book is so damn great so far! for gods sake guys…where can i find the full version!?!?! Guys who made the comic…where in the world is the full version? When will you bless us lowly humans with it? Guys, this comic is perfect, ive never read anything like it…so raw, so real, so relevant to people like myself a young brotha living in the states. its glamorous so far…i can wait to learn more about the main character, and see how this all turns out for gabriel. Im not exagerating when i say its the best $5 i have probably ever spent. i mean guys im so pumped for the full version. if u know when it will be released tell a brotha.

  2. Joshua (verified owner)

    Epic chapter!!! keep it up!!

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