SIDE A (1 – 4)

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Includes the first four chapters, all in one volume. Just what exactly is Tephlon Funk? Find out more about this story along with the origins of Inez, Gabriel, Cameron and Giselle. The comic series takes place in the 90’s, this is unlike anything that’s out there. It’s Dope…

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Paperback | 76 Pages

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2 reviews for SIDE A (1 – 4)

  1. Shamyra

    I love this book and the stickers that come with and I made up a fun game for tephlon funk, you have to guess what soundtracks will play for each scene.

    But over all this book is crazy dope, this book gives me life and it’s a blessing to now know it’s in my life, I will do everything to support tephlon funk so that I can watch on my tv, and when it happens, well I guess you know what my reaction will be like, because it will be like everyone else reaction who loves and supports these comics.

  2. Romell Bolden

    This manga/comic is good as hell. It Has great artwork with authentic characters that are diverse and inclusive. The script of the characters are also super relatable,The characters talk/react like real people would, you can tell the creators are from the culture they are writing about. Anyway amazing job I will definitely be getting every chapter.

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